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Discgotech’s photographs  are sourced from festival gigs. I endeavored   to advance to coax  musicians.  Unique images of the celebrated talented musicians from the ‘Illuminati of Manchester’ can also adorn your walls.

My bloody Valentine ‘
bilinda butcher from Dublin

Psychedelic- tinnitus friendly My bloody Valentineif I’d been a guy I would have been named Bill, but since I was a girl it became Bilinda”. During one of his radio shows, BBC Radio 1 disc jockey John Peel once said Butcher was “being pretentious and tried to be special by spelling [her] name differently”

The Prisoner set at “Port Merion”

New Order – Joy Division- Tony Wilson’s Manchester Factory Label. The New Order  gig at Port Merion for Festival No6  2013 was the lauded by music journalist’s as the finest of the year.

    • Phil competently acted as New Order’s base player who temporarily replaced the TREMENDOUS Peter Hook.


  • Bernard Sumner playing lead guitar and vocalsSmiths Guitarist
  1. Stockport’s Finest Indie band ;The Johnny Marr Band; Touring and playing live. In the big tent at Port Merion, perform songs from their album Playland,
  2. Apparently, featured on  Marc Rielly’s callender ; October  10th. it’s hug a drummer day. I like Dweezle Zappa’s Drummer ‘Ryan Jones’ from the U.S.A .On stage at the Lowry’s Lyric Theatre
  3. From the small stage at  The Eagle Inn pub venue, in Salford. Oldham music Indie Artist , Kiran Leonard plays lead Guitar for the sonic composition:Strange Fruit. (Featured Above) Johnny  Marr”s band  drummer Jack Mitchell  may applaud the commendable technical work to erect the drummer’s kit; in a cramped corner, on the humble Eagle stage (featured below) .
A cozy evening of live music by the young Oldham based artist Kieran Leonard who is front of stage,

Comic con event at Stockport County’s ground

Comic collectors who discover comics in Discgotech like to attend the comic convention to search for that special comic or treasured piece of sci-fi ephemera . And they are eager to meet their  science fiction television screen idols. Actors may sign comic books on request.

Science Fiction Ethusiastic folk flock to Stockport County’s  football Ground

The next comic con event will be held on Bonfire Day.  The venue  resides within the demise of Stockport County’s Football Ground .

Visit Stockport Unleashed for more details

Musicians of the month

Musicians of the Solstice month of June belongs to the Kraut Rock infused  West Coast of America rockers -Thee Oh Sees. Check out this Can video clip from 1972

Check out this great clip Thee Oh Sees movie





I did go to this Gig. The encore was brilliant.

I have seen them at the intimate splendid Gothic interior of the Sacred Trinity church and at Islington Mill. Salford  as two piece; without the drummer.

Rising star . Siobhan Wilson  graced the small stage at Eagle Inn pub in  Salford

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